Psychosocial Assistance Without Borders

to promote training and support that sustain relief workers who work selflessly in our world’s crisis situations  

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1) Basic information on psychosocial trauma and psychosocial first aid from a cross-cultural perspective.  When to refer, when to provide additional community support, how to intervene, and more.


2) Self-care through mind-body techniques, marshalling one's spiritual tradition, and group cohesion.  Burnout and compassion fatigue detection, prevention, and interventions.


3) Promoting models to integrate local healers, community strength, and faith traditions into the Western model of psychotherapy and psychiatry.  


PAWB’s goal is to provide integrated trainings that encourage a sustainable model of psychosocial health in the face of societal trauma.  Native service providers have legitimacy and capacities (those not reproducible by international relief organizations) that help heal environments that are tinged with grief, insecurity, and anxiety.  Rather than providing services ourselves and risk importing neo-colonial pressures or misreading the situation, PAWB can train local providers, who can translate the trainings to fit their circumstances ideally.